Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I Know. I Know.

Pictures, recipes and regaling were forthcoming. All 9 of you are just chomping at the bit. (And while I'm at it, thanks to the 9 of you for putting up with me because if it'd been me, I'd have abandoned this blog long ago).

At this rate you are probably expecting to hear tales of gastronomic daring do, Bacchanalian bliss, taste sensations that took us all to new heights.

Nothing like that. But it was fabulous fun, the food was yummers and really, I swear, I start a proper reporting tomorrow.

Or the next day.


1 comment:

laurelmoons said...

Hey, we're starving here!

Well, metaphorically speaking, as no one who sees me would believe I'm literally starving. Or, if I am, that I've been doing so for any appreciable length of time.

***nudge nudge nudge*** ;)