Saturday, October 20, 2007

Today is The Day

The Autumnal Feast is in 4 hours and 40 minutes. I haven't done a lick, except the shopping. Napkins must be ironed and a leaf added to the table. And I have to start cooking.

A quick review of menus from years past suggest that pork is a prominent player for this feast. This year it will have only a supporting role as I am taking a slightly different tack this year. I'm planning a menu that is based on home cooking, just taken to the next level. Meatloaf, onion rings, green peas. But not presented in a typical way. I can't wait.

The guests for this feast have been the same for over 10 years. They are easily impressed, only in that they anticipate a good meal and are generous with their praise. I like coming up with dishes that will delight them and as they are predisposed to delight, I usually succeed. I do think, however, that this year could be particularly impressive just because they won't be expecting such homely fare all dressed up and decked out.

Tomorrow I'll publish the full menu and the recipes. Today I have to execute them. And perhaps sweep the house. Always a nice thing to do for a dinner party, don't you think?


laurelmoons said...

I hope everyone has a wonderful time!! And I'm looking forward to the recap and the recipe goodness! (Also to the daube recipe from a few weeks back...but that's just me being a nudge... ;)


Anne said...

by my clock, just an hour to go, have fun!

Anonymous said...

Um...tomorrow has come and gone my friend. That must have been some feast! Actually I know it was because I talked to your hung-over ass the next day. HAH!

Lorraine said...

Clearly, Syd, I need me some serious nudging.

Thanks, Anne.

And uh, hi, Hat, have you met me? Did the whole "how easily I get sidetracked" thing not sink in?