Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Too Busy Eating to Blog

My vacation joke: "Hey, I weighed 98 pounds when I got here and now look at me!"

We're having the bestest time EVAH in Chicago, and pretty much all we're doing is eating. Or it seems that way. No one has actually experienced hunger since we got here. Thai food on Friday, dinner party on Saturday, deep dish pizza on Sunday and yesterday was a Creole lunch and "dinner" at the Taste of Chicago. I'm booking the gastric bypass surgery for next week.

But since you troubled to come by, here are some photos of some of the things we've been eating.

Saturday night Jon and I fulfilled a year long dream to cook together. That in itself was superfantastic. The fact that we fed a table full of wonderful, funny people was the buttercream on the gateau.

Fat slabs of pork loin chops were marinated in basil, olive oil, red chilies and garlic. The Spouse grilled them and they were served with a cherry-jalapeno salsa.
Dinner started with a mesclun salad in shallot vinaigrette, with a goat cheese crouton. Please note the tablescape. That was Steve's job, and a fine job of it he did. He was thrilled to pull out all the glassware and please note there was white wine, red wine, water and dessert wine. Plus the champagne flutes for the tapenade starter.
Iwanski (with the lovely Miss Healthypants), displaying the plate o' meat.
The pork chops were accompanied by steamed asparagus with a lemon compound butter and sprinklings of lemon zest and a gratin of summer squash and pine nuts.
Someone at the party must have taken a photo of the strawberry-nectarine kabobs with caramel and limoncello scented creme fraiche. But the real hit of the dessert course was the whiskey and maple syrup cordial from Canada, displayed here by guest Harry. It was De.Li.Cious.
Yesterday we had lunch at a Cajun-Creole place called Heaven on Seven.

I started with fried green tomatoes in a perfect remoulade sauceand followed up with very tasty Louisiana crabcakes and slaw.The Spouse enjoyed this substantial spicy chicken sandwich.The Child stepped up to a plate of ribs. This was the appetizer size, btw.She enjoyed them. They were just the right blend of sweet and spicy and properly messy.Hot sauce anyone?
Today we may forage out for a Chicago dog. We can eat nothing but celery and drink nothing but mineral water when we get home.


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