Thursday, June 28, 2007

Adventures in Dining

Some of the best meals I've ever had have been in cities, even countries, not my own. A big part of the thrill of travelling is eating the food of the area. Sometimes it's the best way to understand the culture and attitudes of a place. You snarf down a hot dog on the streets of New York and it connects to the pace of that city. Sometimes the food, or the place where you eat it, says something about history. I also once had breakfast in the Rose Room of the Algonquin (poached eggs, toast and coffee) just so I say I'd been in the same room as the Round Table.

BBQ in Dallas, my first fajitas in Houston, clams, clams, and more clams on Martha's Vineyard. Chinese food in Chinatown (SF). Supper in Napa. Salmon and pink wine in Nantes. Oh, if I were to start down the memory lane of food I've eaten other places we'd be here all day. And I can't. Because tomorrow we leave for a week in Chicago and there are things to do!

I can tell you, however, that eating will be a key part of this adventure. I will be cooking for people (at least one nice dinner party plus corn dogs and baked beans for the 4th of July...which for reasons known only to Chicagoans will be celebrated on the 3rd because that's when they do their big fireworks display). And there will be dining out. Our host already has a list as long as his arm of places at which we absolutely must eat. Plus The Spouse intends to go to the Taste of Chicago, which is something on the order of a pilgrimage for him. There's a little piano bar at which I must have a drink. I fully intend to sample the street food. I must have a Chicago-style hot dog, which I've done before under other circumstances but not in Chicago. And perhaps I'll get a definitive answer to the question "Exactly what is a sport pepper?". I have to see if their coffee is any good.

Oh, it's going to be a cook's tour if ever there was one and I can't wait. I should have been consuming nothing but celery and water this week, in preparation. (I didn't).

So watch this spot for updates as we eat our way through the Windy City.


Red7Eric said...

Can't wait for the photos from Lao Tze WhateverTheFrackItsCalled -- y'know, Jon's favorite Chinese.

Lorraine said...

Bwahahaha! Oh, there will be pictures, my friend. Lots and lots!

Doralong said...

Doesn't everyone plan the trip around the food? The single question asked in my family when announcing a trip to whatever city is "Sooo.. Where do you have reservations?"

New reader and very much enjoyed your blog! Thanks!

Lorraine said...

Doralong: So glad you stopped by...the door is always open. Thank you.