Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kitchen Essentials: Mandarin Olive Oil

Oliviers and Co., otherwise known as O&Co., is a specialty shop that features a wide range of olive oil (and a few other treats). I wandered into their shop a couple of years ago and was captivated by their mandarin olive oil. The flavor is spectacular. They use a very light oil, which conveys the floral notes of the orange straight to your olfactories. Then you drool.

I stopped by the other day to pick up a tin and they had some for 50% off. "It's getting old," said the shopkeeper. "So you'll have to use it within a year". Oh. Really? I think I can manage that. So now I have 2 tins for the price of one. Gotta love that.

I use this oil somewhat sparingly. (It is regularly priced at $19.50 for 8.4 fl. oz). It sings on my signature salad or on a crazy but fabulous salad of oranges and olives. (Trust me). It is beautiful in a marinade. And sometimes, when no one is looking, I just drink a spoonful of it straight. Healthy and delicious.


Buck said...

$19.50 for 8.4 ounces? Yikes. I'd love to try that. I get mine at a Greek store -- 3 liters for $24 bucks.

Willym said...

We got some wonderful olive oil last fall in Reiti north of Rome - its an old family business and they still use the big granite presses. It has a bit of a bite at the beginning and but has soften in the past few months. We've been using it in our day to day cooking. Got a 5 litre tin for around E25.00

And a friend in Sicily has been selling oil from her mother's farm - it has an incredible taste and we use that for special dressings etc.

Kimberly Ann said...

Oh my gosh, the olives and oranges salad sounds positively divine. Mmmmm.

Lorraine said...

I'll treat you to some in October, Buck.

Willym, once upon a time I was in Napa Valley and took a break from the wine touring to go to an olive oil mill. Oh, my yord. It was superfantastic.

I'll put that recipe up soon, KA. It's weird but wonderful.

katty said...

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