Thursday, January 31, 2008

Big Food

Lent is coming early this year. Really early. Like, next week. Which means that this Saturday evening we'll be hosting our annual Carnevale (literally, "farewell, meat") dinner party. I don't usually go public with the menu before the event, because at least one guest reads this blog, but since I've already lost the menu once and just found it again, I thought I'd commit it to the ethers just in case. SCG, you should stop reading now and if you don't, you have to swear on a stack of chocolate bars that you won't tell anyone else. 'K?


The driving force behind this menu is to incorporate as much butter, fat and alcohol into the meal as possible. Not necessarily a heat-healthy approach, were one to eat like this every day. But since the purpose of Carnevale is to get all the feasting and revelry out of our system before the 6 week fast of Lent, that's how we roll.

Fromage Fort with crackers
Amuse Bouche
Blinis with salmon roe and creme fraiche
Wild Mushroom & Sherry Bisque with Garlic Toasts
Parmesan and Celery Salad
(Sounds nutty but it's very clean and refreshing. Plus the ancient Romans used to put celery leaves on their heads to prevent hangovers. I think eating the celery (and drinking a lot of water during the meal) is the best preventative).
Roast Leg of Lamb with Potatoes and Artichokes
Roasted Provencal Tomatoes
Saffron Rice
Molten Chocolate Cakes
(we'll drink framboise with it, if I can find some)
I. Can't. Wait.


Seattle Coffee Girl said...


Lorraine said...

Good girl. Extra helpings of mystery food for you.

Nicole said...

That sounds sooooooo good.

laurelmoons said...

Ye gods, Lorraine--that sounds amazing. Looking forward to any recipes you care to share!


Anonymous said...

Sounds good.

I'm off to buy some celery.

Kimberly Ann said...

Wow. You are an amazing cook! You gotta share your chocolatey dessert recipe, it sounds fab, fab, fab.

Willym said...

thought I had left this earlier but I want the celery parmesan salad recipe. Its probably really easy right?