Monday, September 3, 2007

Back to School: Marilyn's Banana Bread

The Parent Association Board is trying an experiment tomorrow, a welcome-back-to-school coffee for the parents. We got some donations of doughnuts but decided it might not be enough so one of the board members is baking blueberry bread and I volunteered to make banana bread. This was easy because I always have a shelf of bananas in the freezer. No one in our family enjoys them when they've turned too brown, so when that happens, I toss the bananan whole, into the freezer, where it waits patiently for the Baking Bug to strike.

My recipe for banana bread is pretty straightforward, and since we are also collectively not a family who enjoys nuts in baked goods, I don't add them. But you could if you wanted. This recipe is adapted from the one my mom uses, which came from our long-ago pastor's wife, Marilyn. She was a terrific cook. She had lots of practise. She had 8 kids.

Marilyn’s Banana Bread

Combine in a bowl:

1 c. brown sugar
½ c. butter
1 c. mashed banana
3 T. sour milk (or yogurt or buttermilk)
2 eggs, slightly beaten
1 ½ c. flour
1 t. baking soda
¼ t. salt
1 t. vanilla

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl until well mixed.

Pour batter into greased and floured pans and bake at 350° for 35-40 minutes until tester comes out clean.


Substitute 1 c. grated zucchini for the banana. To make chocolate zucchini bread, also add 2 T. unsweetened cocoa powder.


Anonymous said...

You'll be both proud and happy to know that Banana Bread is actually the one thing I can bake. Manoman...just look'n at that yummy pic get's me to twitchin for it.

Lorraine said...

I am kvelling with pride, Hat.

Seattle Coffee Girl said...

I can now atest to the utter deliciousness of this banana bread. Since you brought some to us yesterday. And we've already eaten 1/2 the loaf in less than 24 hours. That must be some kind of weird World's Record or something.

But seriously, this scores very high in the "yum" department. Thank you!