Saturday, August 18, 2007

Working Girl: What's for Dinner

Thank heaven I plan menus. My recent re-entry into the work force is kicking my arse. If 4 o'clock rolled around every day and I had to start thinking about what to make for dinner I would probably find parts of my brain snapping off.

I'm keeping it pretty simple this week. One night last week we actually ate take away pizza because the chicken wasn't thawed in time and I was too tired to improvise. Take away has it's merits but it's a little early in the game to get sucked down that path.

What's for Dinner?
August 17-August 23
Big Premier of High School Musical II
Build Your Own Pizza
(per The Child's request)

Pork Tenderloin with Hoisin and Star Anise
Steamed Rice
Stir-fry Bok Choy
(what we were supposed to have the night we ate chicken instead because the night before we had take-away)

Afternoon Housewarming at D & M's
Chicken Salad
(Because we won't be that hungry. D & M are wicked good cooks).

Hamburgers on Onion Buns

Stuffed Salmon*
Bruschetta with Tuscan White Beans & Fried Sage
Green Salad with Granny Smith Apples

Spinach Salad

Southwest Chicken with Black Beans & Corn
Tomato Salad
*Which I bought frozen and ready to cook from Trader Joe's. Delicious and convenient.


TWISI said...

Recipe request for the Southwestern Chicken with Black Beans and Corn please.

Seattle Coffee Girl said...

I'm curious about the enraged tomatoes...

Lorraine said...

Both recipes will be forthcoming, kids.