Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sass it Up: Wine with Rosemary

If you're the sort of person who never has any "cheap" wine in the house and are all about the esoterica of oenophilia, then pass this by. But if, like me, you have no objection to the casual glass of inexpensive "house" wine (Charles Shaw, in our case; fondly known as 3 Buck Chuck) then you might enjoy this.

Now it is extremely complicated, so take notes.

1. Pour a glass of not terribly fancy white wine.

2. Stick a sprig of fresh rosemary in it.

3. Drink.

I don't know why this works, but it does. The resin in the rosemary does some sort of complimentary two-step with the fruitiness of the white wine. I suspect you'll enjoy it. And it looks groovy.


more cowbell said...

Oh I am so trying this. I love rosemary. I love cheap wine. Trader Joe's on the way home from work ...

Lorraine said...

Let me know how you like it, CB.

Eric said...

I cannot believe you wasted our precious precious rosemary on this post.