Friday, July 27, 2007

Truly Refreshing: Cucumber Water

We were served this at Orange on Harrison, in Chicago. It is now The Child's and my favorite summer afternoon beverage. It's just a slice or two of cucumber in a glass of water but there's an aromatherapy component; you get a whiff of the the cuke (the definition of "fresh", in my view) before you drink the water and it goes straight to that place in your brain that regulates your perception of start to cool down before you take a sip. Trust me.


TWISI said...

Will definitely need to try that!

Thanks for the tip.

Seattle Coffee Girl said...

I'd like that in my labor and delivery room, please. :)

Anonymous said...

And here is my personal Duh! Factor of 3 because I spend oodles of money on flavored waters. I love them. Never once occured to me to do it m'damn self. Hmpf.

Sling said...

What Hat said!..That looks and sounds so refreshing.

Lorraine said...

Let me know what you think, Twisi...I'm thinking the Florida summers cry out for something like this.

SCG: Duly noted. Or should I say, doula noted?

Hat: Please buy yourself sumpthin fancy with all the money you're going to save.

Sling: It is the essence of refeshing. I'm thinking we need to start serving it at the club.

Lorraine said...

And btw, you all have to tell me if you try it. Because seriously, it's awesome.