Sunday, July 8, 2007

More Pictures of Paintings of Food

I have always been drawn to paintings that celebrate food and the table. Possibly because I have no artistic ability myself but wish I did. There's a reason most still-lifes feature food. It is beautiful. It is deceptively simple. "Oh," you say, "an orange. It's round, it's orange, I can draw that". But then, if the you is me, you can't. Because "round" and "orange" are only the beginning. There are bumps, divots, shadings. And while I have enough of an artist's eye to see these things, transferring what I see from my eye to my hand to paper, not so much.

So I look at the paintings of others. And love them. And feel hungry.

"Still Life: Corner of a Table", Henri Fantin-Latour, 1873, oil on canvas

The Child was enamoured of this still life of fish. Here's a close-up.
"Still Life with Fish and Shells", Baron James Ensor, 1898, Oil on canvas

"The Basket of Apples", Paul Cezanne, 1893, Oil on canvas


Anonymous said...

oh that Cezanne is beautiful

Red7Eric said...

They're all seriously gorgeous.