Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Melon Soup

Strictly speaking, I don't find myself a big fan of chilled soups. Soup is for cold winter nights, when you need something hot and sustaining to give you hope that spring will someday return. But it just isn't the sort of thing one thinks of first on a warm summer evening.

That said, The Child and I were planning a menu for a baby shower and she remembered a melon soup that I'd made once long ago. I had no recollection of it and couldn't find the recipe, but the idea had appeal. It's easy, it looks pretty and we were going for an easy, pretty, elegant vibe for the menu.

When in doubt, ask Martha. I found this recipe on her site and didn't change it a lick. It wasn't the least bit fussy but the mix-and-match element of it sounded fun. And it was. The two soups were delicious, although I think the honeydew was the favorite. When I make it again, and I will, I think I'll make the honeydew for everyone with just a dollop of the canteloup for counterpoint.

It was served it in martini glasses, which is something I've done for hot soup as well. It's an elegant presentation and it makes the serving size just right when the soup is served as a course and not the main event. It might have been the glasses that made Stina think that mixing the soup with vodka would result in a spectacular summertime drink. I could see it, blended with ice to make a kind of adult smoothie. It would also have been perfectly fine for dessert but as it was, coming between the bruscetta and chicken salad, it was a surprising, refreshing twist.

And did I mention that it was easy?

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Red7Eric said...

The only chilled soup I've ever enjoyed was a blueberry soup that dear old Mummy made once -- it definitely tasted like blueberries, but was only about half as sweet as I thought it would be -- it was definitely a SOUP, not blueberries post-blender. And I have no idea how she made it or what was in it.

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